hello hi friends!

sorry its been a while since the last post - ive been up to my ears in schoolwork and just general home stuff

(also ive distanced myself from klk a bit for personal reasons but i wont go into that here - ofc that doesnt mean i dont have my gr8 headcanons and still want to share them ouo’)

hopefully ill be able to post a bit soon! hope all u guys are doin well! 

- Ellen

Anonymous asked:

doesnt matter wat u write on tumblr or internet cos we hold all d power in real life. internet is d only safe space u got, and even at that u r stuck with just tumblr. ha ha cis white het power 4 eva

not sure what im supposed to draw from this message but yes





tbh i always get a big smile thinkin about transman gamagori taking pride in his body and finally being able to build more muscle after t
(headcanon also that before transitioning gamagori was already rly tall and somewhat…

i didnt say hormones made him taller i said he was already tall and p muscled pretestosterone (and once u start t it can cause u to gain muscle mass more easily) did u actually read it or???? i know how hormone therapy works and how it affects the body lmao
also under the headcanon of transman gamagori like pre-t and pre coming out and everything else he wouldve been labeled by others as a girl and girls* do tend to get flack for being tall and muscled (in lieu of the societal concept of women* having to be petite and soft to be considered the most attractive)

anon u gotta understand that pronouns are identifiers and ppl use them as such bc not everyone is a carbon copy of eachother and therefore will not (and further, should not be expected to) use the same identifiers for themselves.
and the fact that u think gender should be “more than labels” is kinda ridic tbh bc thats what gender is all about. and basically anything that has a name is also ‘labeled’ so u rly cant make this an argument here.